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Great Far East Refrigeration Equipment Engineering Technology (THIP) Co., Ltd. is a composite company which integrates design, development, manufacture, installation, and services. It produces "Icy" brand   refrigeration equipment professionally. The company has an expert technical team, with strong technical support from universities. It has received the certification of ISO9001-2000. It possesses the class II qualification of cold storage equipment maintenance and installation, issued by China Association of Plant Engineering (CAPE) and China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association (CRAA). Our aim is high quality, good service. We make promise of the products' quality by carrying out quality management system, and keep on promoting the quality of products and construction, owning good reputation in market. Moreover, our satisfactory after-sale service, professional maintenance teams, complete personal file of each customer and regular service guarantee customers' basic profits here. With the future development of the market economy, based on the advanced technology, we've expanded our business and gained our market shares. We have confidence and competence to make our business better and better and make more contribution to the refrigeration cause of China.