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The engineering example of vegetable fresh-keeping refrigerator

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  • Product Name: The engineering example of vegetable fresh-keeping refrigerator
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  • Remark: With the rapid development of our economy, refrigeration equipment has entered the supermarket, commercial, agricultural and industrial and other fields, is closely linked with our lives. Cold storage is the use of cooling facilities create humidity and low temperature conditions of the warehouse. Also known as cold storage. Is the storage of agricultural and livestock products processing, place. To get rid of climate, preservation period of storage extension of agricultural and livestock products, in order to regulate market supply. Cold storage can be widely applied to food plants, dairy factory, pharmaceutical factory, chemical plants, fruits and vegetables, poultry warehouse, warehouse, supermarket, guesthouse, hotel, hospital, station, troops, test room. Cold storage is mainly used as a constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, plants, tea, medicine, chemical raw materials, electronic instrument etc.. - Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park dayuandong refrigeration equipment Engineering Technology Co Ltd - cold storage building expert
What is the cold storage, generally refers to all kinds of equipment of refrigeration, but to control and maintain the stability of low temperature facilities. Its basic component is: refrigeration system; electronic control device; a heat insulation storehouse; accessory buildings etc.. Refrigeration system includes all kinds of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment is the cold heart, it produces the cold quantity, ensure the warehouse and cold source of supply. The electric control device is cold in the brain, it ensures that the cold supply conductor refrigeration system. With a certain heat insulation performance of the Treasury, is the storage of agricultural products, its role is to maintain the low temperature environment of stability, usually the insulation performance as insulation. The excellent heat insulation structure, can be maintained to maximize the cooling capacity of refrigeration equipment manufacturing in the library less leak out, on the other hand, is to reduce the heat leakage outside the library to library, the main difference between the cold and the general housing. More types of cold storage type and cold storage rural areas built in China, the lack of unified standard classification. According to the type of commonly used are introduced briefly as follows: (1) according to the sink size classification has large, medium and small points. Commercial, general information about medium reservoir, storage capacity is too large. According to the origin of cold storage in our country are relatively small and the characteristics of the masses habit appellation, the storage capacity of more than 1000 tons of library called large base, 1000 tons, 100 tons of library called medium base, 100 tons of the following library called small library. The most suitable for the origin of village built 10 tons to 100 tons of small-scale cold storage. (2) based on the refrigerant refrigerator used can be divided into ammonia refrigeration ammonia hangar and fluorine refrigeration fluorine hangar, rural areas to build a small refrigerator can choose a high degree of automation of the fluorine hangar. (3) according to the temperature of cold storage at low temperature and high temperature library library is divided, the preservation of fruits and vegetables base is generally high temperature storage, the lowest temperature 2 ℃. Aquatic, carnivorous kind of storage is a low-temperature storage, temperature at - 18 ℃. (4) according to the refrigerator cold distributor form of pipe cold storage and cold storage cold air machine. Fruits and vegetables preservation generally with the cooler cold storage, commonly known as cold store (5) according to the warehouse building mode is divided into cold storage construction, assembly of cold storage and civil assembly composite type cold storage. Cold storage construction is generally sandwich wall insulation structure, covers an area of large, long construction period, the early cold storage is this way. Fabricated cold storage is prefabricated insulation board assembly of the warehouse, the construction period is short, removable, but larger investments. Civil assembly composite type cold storage, warehouse loading and peripheral structure is the construction form, spray polyurethane foam insulation structure or polystyrene foam board assembly form. The civil assembly composite type cold storage of polystyrene foam insulation of the most affordable, is the preferred form of storage.

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