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Agricultural and sideline products accelerate the transportation of substance storage construction m

Post time:2014-01-02 13:59:58 1088 Views

Abstract: the transport and storage of modern agricultural and sideline products need to be refrigerated storage. With the rapid development of modern agriculture, building of large refrigerated warehouse automation becomes extremely necessary, will improve the quality of agricultural products in the process of effective transport.

As everyone knows, agricultural and sideline products are not suitable for long-term preservation at room temperature, cold storage preservation is the pass way type. With the rapid development of agricultural economy, economic material transfer speed, the traditional cold storage has been unable to meet the needs, industry needs building large automation storage become.

Large refrigerator using centralized refrigeration system using ammonia as refrigerant, cooling equipment for pipe, system complex, difficult automation. Small refrigerator generally adopts decentralized or centralized refrigeration system of refrigerant by freon. In the construction in civil refrigerator slant, automation control level is generally low. Fabricated cold storage has developed in recent years.

Cold chain system in China has not yet formed a complete and independent, low degree of marketization, refrigerated enterprise conditions can be transformed into the distribution center of chain supermarket, forming refrigerated enterprises, supermarkets and chain business enterprise associated business model. The establishment of food cold chain, perishable, fresh food from the origin, processing, storage, transportation, purchasing, sales, until each tache of consumers in the low temperature environment in standard, to ensure food quality, reduce unnecessary loss, prevent food spoilage and contamination.

Refrigeration equipment industry automation units should strive to develop international market advanced general 60HP below grade separated or integrated with electronic technology, automatic control of the computer and automation technology is widely used in the refrigeration system, the purpose is for refrigeration industry upgrading, extend the industrial chain, reduce project cost. Cold storage industry must be unified in coordination with the departments concerned, strengthen the overall planning and coordination, the development of cold chain logistics system. At the same time, to prevent blind duplicate construction, to ensure sustained and healthy and stable development of China Refrigeration industry.

From the current situation and development trend of constant temperature cold storage, fruit CA storage development is rapid, the increase in the proportion of low temperature storage, mini cold storage room for farmers built using the A new force suddenly rises., fabricated cold storage and taking freon refrigeration system of refrigerant distributed to popularize strength is increasing, cold storage design tends to be more optimization, automation control degree enhances gradually, government security production and quality supervision and management department supervision of cold storage greatly enhanced.