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How to install the freezer door?

Post time:2014-01-02 14:12:59 736 Views
Cold storage of knowledge introduction door installation, cold storage door is divided into a revolving door, sliding door and other forms, following with the view of all kinds of cold storage door installation.

First introduced is the assembly of cold storage door (hereinafter called the door) installation:

The door frame plate installed only for active library (assembled) doorframe plate.

1, the assembly type Refrigeratory library body after the completion of assembly, the left vertical convex frame plate strip for the door frame plate height, the surplus part is cut off.

2, the assembled door frame plate from bottom to top into installation position, the upper end of the hook and pin is connected and fixed roof box.

3, on the plate, frame partition door to it by the push to installation position, fixed with angle and roof.

The assembled integral type frame board installation:

Integral doorframe plate mounting with other base panels installed, to hook, pin box is connected with the top, bottom, wall.

Heating wire and frames the installation package:

The mobile garage door heating wire along the outer side of the opening set by around 25mm, aluminum foil adhesive tape on the door frame around. Door frame packet with riveted on the door, and the heating wire covering.

Secondly: activity base sliding door installation:

1, to 6? 5 × 13 rivets to rail is fixed to the base body wall or partition board.

2, to 2 M10 and the ball head nut stud wall fixed.

Finally: active library revolving door installation:

1, the door body positioning: 5 x 80 x 800 and 8 x 80 x 1600 wooden planks were pad on the door hinge mounting bottom and side, the door body positioning.

Mounting screw holes have been prefabricated hinge and door lock 2, door, the installation template (MB1- left hinge mounting template, MB2- the right end hinged mode, according to the positioning hole of the template in the left door frame on drilling and tapping M6). Remove the mounting template.