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The ice

Post time:2014-01-02 14:16:59 679 Views
Acetaminophen will ice with plastic bags, with a dry towel wrapped in the head, neck, axilla, chest, can quickly make the temperature drops, prevent brain burns. 

Treatment of mild scald burn clean ice blocks available directly deposited in the burnt area, not only pain, but also reduce the blister occurrence.

Treatment of heatstroke in summer heat stroke, can immediately in the head, chest and ice. When the head by the sunlight, severe headache, can immediately with ice cubes.

Treatment of dermatitis summer if body long prickly heat or a small rash, available water wash the affected part, can relieve itching, but also can make the prickly heat rash soon subsided. 

Traumatic contusion and sprain, not hot, it will use a small blood vessel rupture and bleeding, but should be in the injury of ice, alleviate vascular hemorrhage, hematoma, conducive to injury recovery. 

Treatment method of insect bites, insect bites, wound pain, swelling. In addition to treatment with drugs, can be found in the local ice, not only pain, but also can prevent the spread of toxin.

Stop bleeding when appear black, but blood and other symptoms, can be first in the stomach, chest ice, in order to reduce the bleeding time was sent to hospital. A nosebleed in posterior cervical Fengchi empty, on both sides of the nose Yingxiang empty ice, can immediately stop bleeding. 

Jianzha into the spine with pain finger needle can be removed, the finger tip on the ice cold and numb, stab, not pain.