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Cucumber storage technology

Post time:2014-01-03 14:57:34 983 Views
1, the product to the storage, thorough disinfection and sterilization in before storage, disinfectant with CT- efficient warehouse disinfectant is better, the use of 500 grams per 100 cubic meters, according to the instructions.

2, the choice of local storage resistance varieties, such as Jinyan 4, Jinyan 7 more resistant to storage, reservoir is poor resistance to general tumor spines and large varieties, less tumor less thorn better storage resistance.

3, to choose the appropriate harvest mature, no plant diseases and insect pests in the late storage of cucumber harvesting time. For storage of fruit than immediately listed melon slightly tender some harvest.

4, in a rigorous selection, removal of plant diseases and insect pests, mechanical injury and fruit not homogeneous product.

5, the post harvest as soon as possible with cucumber pieces in a cool ventilated place or cold storage precooling, to remove field heat carrying.

6, a 0.03 mm thick film made of small bags, each containing 5 kg of cucumber, folding packing storage.

7, temperature, humidity and gas management should be appropriate, the temperature should be controlled at 12 ± 1 ℃, relative humidity of 95%, O2 and CO2 are maintained at around 5%.

8, add 5 packet red absorption of ethylene, can improve the storage effect.

9, storage process should be checked regularly, especially during the late period of storage, more attention should be paid to quality change.

10, if the use of hypobaric storage, storage period can be extended further cucumber cucumber.