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Select aluminum row evaporator

Post time:2014-01-16 13:57:05 800 Views

In recent years, in the refrigeration industry, a new energy saving products -aluminum alloy pipe has been applied. 2008 new aluminum row evaporator is put into use. At present, the freezer or nearly 80% of the users in the use ofseamless steel tube evaporator, has more than 20% users row evaporator inenergy-saving aluminum using the new field. Widely used in these years,aluminum row evaporator gradually by the new and old customers to accept,also gradually nationwide use. In the near future, believe that the aluminum rowwill gradually replace sb. seamless steel tube evaporator and widely used.

Now that can replace, has its advantage, let's talk about the selected row aluminum evaporator.

Advantages of aluminum row evaporator is to save space, light, energy saving and environmental protection, and easy to install. At the same temperature,thermal conductivity of tube rows of aluminum alloy is 210w/m. ℃; aluminum alloy pipe that has characteristics of good heat conduction and easy to make the cold air sinks structure, aluminum alloy pipe is made of aluminum alloytube and fin forming time, exhaust pipe has the advantages of simple manufacture, light weight, easy installation; aluminum alloy pipe is the longitudinal rib type finned tube, the unit length of the refrigerant fillingquantity is little, it can not only reduce the refrigerant filling quantity of therefrigeration system, but also can reduce the size or volume of auxiliary equipment of refrigeration system, the risk of potential is relatively smallrefrigeration system. Aluminum alloy pipe for good thermal characteristics andits special structure, high heat transfer efficiency, reduce equipment investment and energy saving operation. Aluminum alloy pipe surface has a layer of corrosion resistant oxide film, no corrosion and long-term use, do not pollute the environment and food, aluminum alloy pipe manufacturing,processing, installation and use of process does not produce corrosion andenvironmental pollution, is environmentally friendly products. Aluminum alloy pipe is a new type of energy saving evaporator, application is safe and reliable. Aluminum alloy pipe inner wall is smooth and clean, the refrigerant flow, small resistance, not easy accumulation of grease and other dirt, is conducive to enhance the effect of heat transfer, in the low temperature cold storage, aluminum alloy top row of tubes is generally a single row installation,compared with the traditional double seamless steel tube top row tubeoccupied base space height is small, which is benefit to improve therefrigerated warehouse goods stacking height, the actual utilization rate.

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