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Cold meat and cold chain logistics has inseparable

Post time:2014-01-21 15:14:13 928 Views

Cold meat and meat, chilled meat, although some consumers are still relatively unfamiliar, but the developed countries in Europe and America almost don't eat meat or fresh meat, and all is the consumption of cold meat, and there are dozens of years. Cold meat safety and health, tender delicious, easy to cut etc. can win consumers especially city identity. Since September, consumption of pork market officially entered the "golden nine silver ten" sales season, especially for the first time on mid autumn National Day holiday, the national pork prices, also ushered in a wave of good prices rose slightly, the meat dish industry development. Many well-known domestic meat prices have to seize opportunities, increase investment and construction of cold chain logistics system, to ensure the quality and safety of meat dish, to win the trust of consumers. Among them, "Chinese food cold chain integration service provider" Henan Zhongpin group by itself has a strong cold chain logistics capabilities, production of more cold meat assured, good quality for the consumer, also received wide acclaim from the industry.

As everyone knows, chilled and frozen food needs of temperature control with a complete cold chain logistics for the whole of the goods to ensure the safety of food, cold meat is even more so, to transportation, storage, sale of the entire process should be maintained in the low temperature of 0-4 DEG C after slaughter, so full of refrigerated food supply chain "cold chain logistics" is to ensure the safety of the essential elements of cold fresh meat. According to the staff of the public goods, public goods group is aware of the significance of cold chain logistics of cold meat food safety, so put a lot of money, manpower, material resources, has built the system of cold chain logistics, security, high efficiency, uniform and quick industry leading.

First of all, from the overall strength has shown, central location, transportation, resources Zhongpin cold chain logistics support, with Zhongpin advanced information system, the development mode of chain, group, network integration, construction of agricultural products cold chain logistics platform, formed a large and medium-sized the original center, radiation in East China, North China, central, northeast and other major production and marketing of the logistics network.

Specifically, Zhongpin group around the industry chain and value chain, in Xuchang, Zhumadian, Anyang, Luoyang, Yongcheng, Central Plains area and East China, North China, Northeast China, southwest area layout 10 fresh food processing and distribution center, to create the cold chain logistics cluster; in the Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Delta, North China, central China, Fujian the northeast and the Bohai Bay area center city layout 15 sale logistics center, formed in the Central Plains Center, radiation in east part of China and the main origin of sale logistics network, the total storage capacity of 770000 m?, 2010 was Chinese Warehousing Association as a "National refrigerator ranked first"; as the central meat reserves reserve, meat qualification of futures delivery warehouse etc..

Secondly, from the cold chain logistics management aspect, Zhongpin group focus on food safety, nutrition and operational efficiency, with the idea of supply chain management and system management as the core, the comprehensive application of modern management methods, the modern information technology, logistics technology, energy saving and temperature monitoring technology, the system integration standard, detection, distribution and other services function, the industry leading TMS transportation management system, realize the cold chain management, automatic monitoring of cold storage car temperature GPS moment, the entire cold chain security, effectively solve the distribution problem of cold chain products "last kilometer".

Finally, in the storage hardware equipment, Zhongpin all cold storage with single multi layer adjustable cold storage, equipped with advanced high into the rack system utilization, the introduction of international advanced logistics public information platform, logistics information platform, logistics information platform, e-commerce platform and logistics ERP management system, to achieve accurate storage management and batch management.

According to Zhongpin said, either now or in the future, uniproduct will still to consumers in the production, quality assured cold meat and strong cold chain logistics, responsible for the consumer, but also to make more efforts to lead the development of meat industry.